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                                   Available Classes                                                                                                   This class is for EVERYONE!

Ask your gym for these classes.
Senior Circuit

With Your Personal Trainer Edward Troy

Safely improve range of motion

Multiple fitness levels

Joint gentle, whole body workout

Improve bone density

Use muscle to eliminate fat

Multiple exercise station circuit

Fun effective toning and strength development

Continue burning fat after your workout

Music from our generation

This class is for EVERYONE!


Magnum Elite
 Boot Camp

With Your Personal Trainer Edward Troy



What amazing fitness potential do you have? Find out in Magnum Elite Boot Camp  with your personal trainer. All ages and abilities welcome.


Pre-requisite: A hungry will to succeed in fitness and athletic goals by training with competitive ferocity. 
This is four 90 minute classes a week, for the seriously minded, including the following components:


Rip To Shreds Raw Athletic Power Module 1

  • Plyometrics (Outside/Indoors

  •  Ballistic Weight Lifts (Outside/Indoors)

  • Olympic Style Lifting (Outside/Indoors
  • Core Power (Outside/Indoors)
  • Balance (Outside/Indoors)



Neuromuscular Skill Module 2

  •  Athletic Agility Drills (Outside
  • Sprint Training (Outside)
  • Striking (Indoors)
  • Core Power (Indoors)
  • Balance (Outside/Indoors)

Athletic Agility

With Your Personal Trainer Edward Troy
Athletic Agility is all about results; These results come from using balance, core,coordinated strength movements, and challenging sprint training. you explore your abilities. Reach your ultimate peak. Athletic Agility is suitable for all levels of fitness and exercise experience.

SeeYou There ! 



 If your Health Club, Gym, or other organization is interested in participating in any of these classes or being brought to your exercise facilities please contact me at;


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