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IAS Training

This is my system; Integrated Athletic Systems. In a nutshell, Triple Threat Training (T3) movements and skills common to athletic sports, are used to generate tremendous levels of conditioning. We use all planes of the body for multi-planar 3 dimensional efforts, use all energy systems in a properly sequenced manner, and this is integrated into whole body movements, including upper body, lower body, core power and mental visualization, while doing balancing work.

When you are in shape, you look great!  While body builders have nutrition and cutting fat nailed down, they are not athletic, just big, of course size can be useful, but it is better to not have any useless weight. Vanity muscle still has to be carried around, just like extra fat. If you have performance objectives, then carrying the muscle you need is what is important, with the cardio-vascular capacity to finish. Being as strong as possible does not mean being as big as possible. Being as strong as possible does not always translate into having the best performance possible.

In short, using a vegan diet, combining 
the nutrition and fat cutting of the body builder, with athletic speed/power/agility movements will bring the best all around results for your genetics. 3 honest hours/week instead of the 12+/week the body builder uses to get inferior athletic results. Much better time management and results! You can do it! If any of you are interested in athletic adventures or weight loss let me know.

  Triple Threat Training, Part One
Heavy Bag T
ransverse Plane Training
All "Fight Sports" (boxing, tae kwon do, Muay Thai, wrestling, MMA, etc) are exceptionally demanding, with heavy use of all three planes of motion, requiring the ability to function using all available energy systems, allowing the quick strike or take down to constant movement, in an effort to pursue a perceived temporary weakness. One of the best ways of addressing this complexity, is the use of a heavy bag, where kicks, punches and other strikes, can be focused in the transverse plane. The transverse plane involves throwing, punching, kicks of all kinds from soccer to a heavy bag, swings like a bat, golf club, racquet or hockey stick. The transverse plane is also used, when quick changes of direction are needed. In addition, we also actually throw things, such as the discus and shot put, and various balls. 

Real Workouts for the no nonsense people who demand real results!


Triple Threat Training, 
Part Two
Sprint Training
Including Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ)

If you are the fastest athlete on the field at top speed, how are you caught from behind? If you don't have enough speed to catch an opposing athlete, they score or finish before you. Most competitive athletes do not find this acceptable. We train for the quickness and agility that will allow you to get to your top speed sooner and increase your top speed in the process. The only "cure" for being too slow is to get faster, period.

Triple Threat Training, Part Three
Explosive Lifting (Olympic Style for Power!)
Don't kid yourself, if your sport has strength requirements and you don't meet them, most scenarios don't look good. If you can't run and can't hide and are weaker, how does that work for you? Get serious! You can do something about it. Here's how:

We will have you doing a lot of combination compound lifts. Movements such as power cleans, with a jerk added to finish the effort, hence the power clean & jerk. We do hang cleans and some of the standard "power" lifts. We don't rely on a lot of pin placing machines, preferring the need to balance and find neuro-muscular pathways for as close to whole body performance as we can. The lifting isn't for vanities sake, instead we lift for maximum functional sports performance. We are not trying to develop every muscle to it's maximum size, but seek optimum strength for your best sports performance.

Boxing Fitness @ The Basalt Gym

With Your Personal Trainer Edward Troy


From Woodstock to Super Stock and From Folk Rock to Punk Rock; Baby Boomers have done it all. Keep doing it through Boxing Fitness, with your personal trainer! All ages and abilities welcome.
Taking Boxing Fitness Personal Training, is the answer, on how to get a six pack, those ripped abdominals you want. 



Boxing Fitness Personal Training
15 session 4 student special (15 x $70/hr. each student)
Pay in person

Amateur boxing bout ready, whether you fight or not. 6 months (75 x $130/hr.) One person 

2 Students 75 x $80/hr. each
Pay in person
4 Students 75 x $60/hr. each Pay in person

Professional conditioning. 12 months (150 x $120/hr.) One person 

2 Students 150 x $75/hr. each Pay in person
4 Students 150 x $50/hr each
Pay in person

Ever wonder how boxers get those great physiques? This boxing class shows you how and we teach self defense. Reach and embrace peak intensity levels. Learn footwork, how to incorporate punches and other athletic drills designed to get you ready for the ring. No plans on getting inSeeYou There !

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