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Personal Training Packages

Ultra Long Term Individual Maximized Athletic Training Experience U.L.T.I.M.A.T.E.


1. 150 x $80


2. 100 x $85


3.  50  x  $95

Ultra Summit Toner
 – 40 Sessions

1 Person $100 per session
|You and a buddy $120
|Triple Trio


Super Surfer Toner – 20 Sessions

1 Person $110 per session 

|You and a Buddy $135
|Triple Trio $160 


Sand Kicker Toner Start Up – 10 Sessions

1 Person $120 per session

|You and a Buddy $150
|Triple Trio $180 

Shorty Jump Start -- 6 Sessions
6 x $140 


Call 970-309-8108 to reserve your transferable (Gift) packages

Because you are getting a time scheduled time slot, only one absence per 20 sessions in your slot is excused. The sessions you miss, can't be double booked, and you must cover those sessions. 

If you must have single sessions, they start at $175/hr. Logistics, gym fees, memberships and equipment will also be factors in the price. 

 Pay as you go -- single sessions billed on a credit card, check or cash, at the rate of your last package and in the same time slot. For one person, that can range from $140/hr. down to $80/hr., if a prepaid 156 session package was purchased. Note: you must have a prepaid package of multiple sessions, or the rate is $175/hr. Make up dates are possible, schedule permitting.
                                             Only one of you needs to show up for a session. 

                                   All Packages include one free consultation and must have a start date.

Because gym fees vary, this does not include any gym fees.

Personal Training
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Aspen V.I.P. International Personal Training Philosophy:  is based on "Letting your fitness come to you."
Fitness cannot be rushed, fitness goals may shift with interests, seasons and age. The exercise programs we have, are based on multiple types of exercises of varying difficulties and intensities. Your fitness is an adaptation to daily activities. When your daily activities include sensible diet patterns, physical activities, and exercises, higher performance fitness goals are a possibility. Change forces adaptation. Changing exercises allows your body to adapt to and for higher levels of fitness. The exercise programs on this website, are not for any competitive activity, specific or otherwise. The exercise programs will after 3-4 months, allow greater physical freedoms. If you are older or do not engage in exercise, as a part of your daily activities, the development of an aerobic base is important for cardiopulmonary conditioning. When your daily activities include sensible diet patterns, physical activities, and exercises, your fitness will come to you.


Why don't I advertise fewer than six sessions? Single sessions start at $175/hr. for one person.  Home, equipment and logistics influence cost. I don't advertise single sessions or little packages, since a great deal of learning must happen, while gaining experience with your trainer, and more importantly, your trainer gains experience with YOU. If you need my services, it is exceptionally unlikely that you have the experience to do this on your own in fewer than six (6) sessions. That being said, if you must have less than six sessions and you have an exceptional aptitude within kinesthetic awareness, then those sessions start at $175/hr.

Athletic Experience:

I have 36 years of training in athletics and boxing as well as many other exercise and sport interests. I managed to be competent and competitive in both athletics and boxing. You too can enjoy an integrated and periodized plyometry, weight training, ballistic weight training, speed work, sport skill specific exercises, intervals, fartlek, circuits, swimming, cross country skiing, skiing, cycling, hiking, the ATP-CP system, anaerobic glycolysis, alactic aerobic exercises, and various numerous calisthenic exercises, as a part of your exercise program.

Exercise and Physical Activity Disclaimer:
This is a public website. There are physical activities and exercises on this website. ALL PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES AND EXERCISES CARRY SOME INHERENT LEVEL OF RISK, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO PHYSICAL INJURY AND DEATH. Before beginning any physical activity or exercise program, you are advised to seek medical advice from your M.D. (medical doctor), and then be given medical clearance. Any use of this website or its direct html links for any reason, including; Physical Activities, Exercises and Exercise Programs, by anyone, any group or corporation is done so at their complete risk, without exception. We accept no liability for anything you do, when making unsupervised use of this website.
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