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 Real satisfaction from real people.

"Anyone who is looking for a great workout, and wanting to mix up their routine, will be more than pleased with Edward. He is an excellent trainer with very reasonable rates. You won't be disappointed!"
-Saramanda M.

"With Ed's guidance, I worked on the heavy bag, footwork, punching technique and the speed bag. I improved quickly, from slow, lumbering striking and awkward footwork to being able to snap cleaner, tighter punches with smoother movement. More importantly, though, I progressed from barely being able to hold up my hands after just several minutes of training to being able to simulate 10 rounds on the heavy bag!"-Lucas P.


I've been working with Mr. Troy for a little over two months now, and my main concerns were getting over strengh plateaus in weightlifting. After following Mr. Troy's training program, i've put on 15 pounds of muscle and my bench has gone up an amazing 60 pounds in just over two months!!! Absolutely amazing!!! Ed is very knowledgeable and obviously knows how to accomplish goals! Thanks Ed! - 
Joey Owens

       We are continuing to gather testimonials, as we grow.



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